Active Tender List
Sl.No.Tender IDPublish DateClosing DateTitleRef. NoTemple
1 TVLJT0011655718/09/201828/09/2018
Shops for Lease - Jeyanthinathar Lodge North Side , Power House way, Veyilukanthamman Complex
3459/2018/C2, Date : 14.09.2018 Arulmigu Subramania Swamy Temple, Tiruchendur
2 TVLJT0011655617/09/201826/09/2018
Water Heater, Motor, High Mast Light AMC Rights
4934/2018/G4 , Dt : 05.09.2018 Arulmigu Subramania Swamy Temple, Tiruchendur
3 TRYJT0021657517/09/201825/09/2018
Providing MS Fiber gate protection arrangements in Vaagana Arai at A/M Mariamman Temple Samayapuram
352/1428/A4 Dated:04/09/2018 samayapuram
4 TRYJT0021657417/09/201825/09/2018
Providing Additional facilities to Karunai illam at A/M Mariamman Temple Samayapuram.
351/1428/A4 Dated:04.09.2018 samayapuram
5 TRYJT0021657317/09/201825/09/2018
Raising North side Compound wall in Staff Quarters of A/M Mariamman Temple Samayapuram.
350/1428/A4 Dated:04/09/2018 samayapuram
6 TRYJT0021657217/09/201825/09/2018
Construction of Ozotex Tank in STP at Master Plan complex of A/M Mariamman Temple Samayapuram.
349/1428/A4 Dated:04/09/2018 samayapuram
7 TRYJT0021657117/09/201825/09/2018
Labour Engaged for Preparation of Estimate and execution of work related to A/M Mariamman Thirukoil
359/1428/A4 Dated:04/09/2018 samayapuram
8 TRYJT0021657017/09/201825/09/2018
Additional Facilities and safety and renovation work for Power Room of A/M Mariamman Temple Samayapu
358/1425/A4 Dated:04/09/2018 samayapuram
9 TRYJT0021656917/09/201825/09/2018
Additional Facilities for Prashadha stall in Staff quarters campus of A/M Mariamman Thirukoil Samaya
357/1428/A4 Dated:04/09/2018 samayapuram
10 TRYJT0021656817/09/201825/09/2018
Providing Ticket counter and Steps Renovation work of A/m Aadhimariamman Temple sub temple of A/M Ma
356/1428/A4 Dated:04/09/2018 samayapuram