Active Tender List
Sl.No.Tender IDPublish DateClosing DateTitleRef. NoTemple
1 TUDTT0401663215/11/201829/11/2018
Providing Car shed and Renovation of theradimandapam
20181101 Arulmigu Maharanedungkuzhaikathar Temple
2 TUDST0071663115/11/201829/11/2018
Supply of Godrej 61" Double door defender plus safe
201801 Arulmigu Muthumalaiamman Temple
3 TRYJT0021664516/11/201823/11/2018
Plantation Maintenance in Mariamman Mandapam,Mudimandapam,Toilet block,Nandhavanam,Star's Park of M.
701/1428/A4 Dated:15.11.2018 samayapuram
4 TRYJT0021664416/11/201823/11/2018
Renovation of staff Quarters 56 Nos at A/M Mariamman Temple samayapuram.
700/1428/A4 Dated:15.11.2018 samayapuram
5 TRYJT0021664316/11/201823/11/2018
Providing Ornamental front elevation work in J.C office 1st Floor at A/M Mariamman Temple samayapura
699/1428/A4 Dated:15.11.2018 samayapuram
6 TRYJT0021664216/11/201823/11/2018
Providing Partition arrangements for Temple Terrace SW side R.O plant and M.p comlpex Pump Room She
698/1428/A4 Dated:15.11.2018 samayapuram
7 TRYJT0021664116/11/201823/11/2018
Providing Electrical&Plumping Arrangements in 1st Floor at A/m Mariamman Temple samayapuram
697/1428/A4 samayapuram
8 TRYJT0021664016/11/201823/11/2018
Providing Waiting Shed in South side in Gents BathRoom waiting shed in M.P complex at A/M Mariamman
696/1428/A4 Dated:15.11.2018 samayapuram
9 TRYJT0021663916/11/201823/11/2018
Providing Interanal and Exteranal Painting work &Front side Shed Arrangements in Karunai iialm at A/
695/1428/A4 Dated:15.11.2018 samayapuram
10 TRYJT0021663815/11/201823/11/2018
Conveyance of Additional Earth &stone in Bogeeswarar Temple tank part 2 at A/M Bogeeswarar Temple a
694/1428/A4 Dated:15.11.2018 samayapuram